Drawing Human Figure

It is unless you don't ever want to draw human or anything that takes on human's form in your manga, then ignore this, but since this is rarely gonna happen let's take a look at how to draw human figure. We shall begin with drawing the face, the head portion, then move on to body (the entire figure).

Drawing the Face
First up, begin with sketching the framework or the skeletal structure of the face. Just draw a circle, then a cross slightly below the centre of the circle.
Now we'll draw the chin out from the side of the cross. The horizontal line of the cross indicates the eye and ear level, the vertical line is the center of the face. This completes the skeletal structure illustration of a human face.
Sketch out the location of the nose, mouth, and the line at the forehead portion indicates where the hair should be located.
From here, start illustrating the eye, the brow, and all the other facial structure that you wish to place for your manga character.
Sketch out the hair from the hair line that we've sketched before.
Here i included some shadings for the sketch.
Finally, complete the artwork with inking.
It is the same thing drawing faces from side way view. The only difference is adjusting the position of the cross.

For sideway view, imagine that the cross is moved across the surface of a globe to the sideway, thus forming a "T" shape. Again, the horizontal line is the eye and ear level line whilst the vertical is the nose and mouth level line.
Place the positioning of the eye, ear, nose, mouth and chin.
Sketch out the face in detail.
And complete the cycle with inking.