Welcome to Mangaka's Journal, a place where becoming a mangaka is no longer a dream but a reality...
Just kidding! ^^

Actually, I'd just like to share with you some experience of drawing manga, how you go about becoming a manga artist and some discussions on doubts and questions that revolved around this area of topic.

And as I've mentioned before, I'm just sharing my own experiences here so if there're anything that I've mentioned wrongly or if you have different opinions, feel free to drop me a comment or message or just simply email me at mangakasjournal@gmail.com

Hopefully through this exchange of experiences and thoughts, the ideal of becoming a mangaka is no longer a dream, but a reality for anyone who'd made up their mind in this career!

Sincerely yours,

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  1. Hey! What a nice blog! Very informative and interesting even for someone who can't draw n doesn't read mangas! XD
    Quite surprised that ur drawings have improved so so much since... duno when.. must be a long time ago..
    From 2D become 3D.. omg.. keep up the good work.. Hope to see your creations published one day =)
    I help u promote this blog to my Uni's Anime & Manga club, good stuff must share. Haha.

  2. hello Mindy! It's really been a while girl!
    And yes, do the right thing, introduce to them, and ask them to introduce to more!
    There will be more updates in the future!

  3. Do you have an online portfolio or deviantart.com homepage with your work?

  4. i like it very much!!!.. can i see any of your drawings?...and your name please.. i'll look for you?..

  5. thank you, thank you! You can check out my drawings from my deviantart.com account:

    Name is Wilson.

  6. Is it alright if I showed you my drawing so you can comment and critique and tell me what makes it look so amatuer(-ish)? Love the blog anyway, though there are things that I still couldn't understand

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    As for your request, well, if you wish to hear my opinion then sure, i don't mind taking a look!
    just send them in ;)

  8. hiya!!

    this blog really really REALLY helped my project on manga!!:D thx so much for putting it up :3
    (really i did a project on manga not kidding:P)
    btw even though im useing it as a half-refrence site, its still freaking awsome :D

  9. I'm almost crying, your blog's everything I've been looking for!

    1. that's great! =)
      hopefully you'll find everything you're looking for here, and hopefully i'll have more time to update this blog in the future! ^^

  10. I wanna say, I love your page. Its helpful, interesting, and you explain your information thoroughly and skillfully. It all flows. And, I used some of your tips for creating manga. Keep up the good work!

  11. G'day bro I was only just bored minutes ago when I saw a link to his page and so I was just wondering if you know any certain way(s) to become a mangaka, manga artist etc. because I have always loved my art and you should be able to see in the link to the page that I provided next to my name where it'll show some parts of my life from the last 4 or so years, because ever since I was ill in 2009 I've tried my best to figure how to become one....

    1. Hello Indra,
      Before i go into any details i'd like you to know that Mangaka is in fact a profession that requires a lot of knowledge from drawing to story telling, creating thumbnails, studying of body language, world building etc.
      I'd like to suggest you to read up Scott McCloud's book: Making Comics, that'll give you a lot of in-depth look on what mangaka or comic artist is all about.

      But back to your question, the most direct approach to become a comic artist would be:
      1) draw a comic, then send to comic books publisher, tell them you wish to become a comic artist and they'll guide you to the rest of the process.
      2) Or you could just draw your own comic then publish it on blog or your own webpage, that way you don't have to pay a crap to other people's critiques or comments~ (if all you wish to do is expressing yourself through comics y'know~)

      So approaching the comic books publishers or webpage, simple~ Don't do self publishing and printing, it's too time consuming, too much spending and too little profits~

      Hope this'll answer your question~

  12. Hey Wilson. I love your blog, thanks for the information. I hope to be a mangaka too, but just as a little part-time (since I want to get a full-time)... Although, I'm still young, so I there's still plenty of thinking abour this.
    I'm struggling with backgrounds because I don't really know how to draw them (especially perspective, aaaarrgghh), do you perhaps have any tips?

    1. Glad it helps!
      okay to your question~
      To draw background: first thing is - love your background~ Don't be afraid of it, love it and you'll put your heart into it~
      The techniques: try study about [horizon line], [vertical line] then only your [vanishing point]. Because your perspective and your vanishing points (no matter how many perspectives you want) resolve around your horizon line - so get familiar with it first~
      The practice: As everything goes with drawing, you need to practice a lot, (and i mean a lot!) to be good at it~ so keep drawing, build up your mileage, try go outside and draw an actual scenery, print out photos and analyze - find out their horizon line, their vanishing points etc. and then... keep drawing~

      That is why~ you need to love drawing backgrounds to begin with~ ;)
      Hope this helps~