Manga Drawing Process: Inking - Part 2

How to Ink?
There are many ways to ink your manga, take Inoue Takehiko sensei for example, he uses ONLY Chinese brush for his inking in Vagabond, but of course, this is what I call - the expert level, so for us, let's forget about using Chinese brush alright? We'll stick with our good old Dip Pens and Fine Point Pens for our manga work!

Technically, there are two ways of inking:
You can ink your manga using long smooth lines, the good thing is this can be very time saving BUT provided that you have very good control.

Another way you can ink your manga is by building up your lines using short repetitive strokes, almost like how you do with your pencil sketch.
How to build up lines with short repetitive strokes:

This will help prevent shaky inking but it is not suitable if you're preparing a full colour work because this way of inking tend to build up thicker lines.

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