Basic Drawing In Manga Style

You may be asking now, how to draw a face? How to draw a dog? How to draw a car? How to draw a building? And the list could go on forever.
Well, it's not that hard y'know, all these can be done with a little more practice, a little more observation, a little more studies, and the key element - by first understanding the skeletal structure of anything and everything that you're trying to draw in your manga.

Skeletal Structure Concept:

By skeletal structure, I'm not asking you to draw a skeleton in your manga. What I mean here is the basic frameworks or shapes that gives an object its outlook. For an example, a book can be drawn by first sketching out a rectangular cube, which is the skeletal structure of a book:

No matter it is an open book or a closed one, the skeletal structure remains the same, which is the rectangular cube. Meaning, I can draw anything in my manga as long as I've got the grasp over the basic shape of the object that I'm drawing.
So with the skeletal structure concept in mind, let's move on to drawing complex objects!


  1. I wonder if there's any other secrets you would be able to reveal, say like the realism of object and backgrounds down to the smallest detail. Is there anything you render into you Manga?

    1. it is the matter of correct proportions and perspectives in your drawing. and when it comes to human figures, it is better if you study the real anatomy first.

  2. a quick tip that i can give you now is:
    do a lot of research, either by reading a lot of different comics/mangas by different artists, or collect pictures either from internet or magazines or even videos.

    This is to increase your knowledge and perspectives on the object/background realism.
    And the comics and mangas collection is to give you an idea on how these pictures should be drawn on the paper.

    This should be able to give you a head start.

  3. Hey! Sorry for posting as Anonymous (Seeing I can't understand what the choices in the listbox is offering)! But I am having a hard time drawing a guy character. I wanted to draw a good-looking guy with muscular features for example Archer from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (without his red mantle). I' ve been drawing for three years now and strangely enough for a guy, I became fond of shoujo art and seeing I can draw cute and pretty female leads, I think a 'manly man' would suit as her love interest rather a 'bishounen'.

    I am also having a hard time drawing the hands, both drawing the palm of the hand and the whole arm from shoulder towards the hands.

    Can you please give me tips on how to draw the anatomy of a male character and how to draw not only the hand but also how to connect it to the body(muscles pose a great challenge and a threat to me when I draw a guy)?

    Oh and great blog by the way! I should recommend this to my fellow wannabees! Hope you reply back, thanks!

  4. hello anonymous, thanks for viewing my blog!

    To attend to your question. In order to draw an entire figure, you'll first have to sketch the skeletal structure or the block structure, that's the easiest way.

    Male body frame is mostly larger than females, so when you draw your block structure, give him a sturdier more bulky blocks.

    As for the muscular structure, brows the internet for muscle anatomy and you should pretty much get the idea!

    I'm still trying to work my time out for posting on these chapters! Hopefully by then i'll be able to give you a more detailed explanation.

    Happy Drawing!

  5. Hey there!~

    Recently I took a slight break from writing to take a go as a mangaka. I can draw things from imagination quite well, but while doing a doujin, I came across the difficulty of copying art. Is there an easy way to be able to anatomize and understand ceratin manga styles at a short notice?

    Really helpful article there. Thank you a lot for being there and helping amateurs like me.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Hoharu-san,

      By copying art you mean imitating other mangaka's drawing style yes?
      I don't really know how to do that but i think you would need a very good ability to analyze other people's style...

      But what i think you really need is to develop your own style, though it is a doujin fan-art it should still shine with your own style, your own art, yourself~
      I know that being able to copy other people's drawing style would be pretty cool but eventually, you need your own style to represent you, not representing other people.

      Hope this helps~ happy drawing~