Manga Drawing Process: Inserting Text

You have two ways of doing this - using computer with software tool or you can just ask your publisher to do this for you.

In Malaysia (don't know about other countries), the text inserting procedure is usually being done by the publishers, what you do is that you write your texts on a tracing paper, the positioning of the text is on the exact location you want it to be placed on your manga. Then you clip the tracing paper together with your manga (or just put them together in an envelope) and send to your publisher, who will do the rest for you.
It is wise to mark the page number at the bottom of your tracing paper to make life easier for the publisher to identify which tracing paper is for which manga page.

You may also edit the texts yourself using your computer, just install an editing tool such as the Adobe Photoshop, or if you think it's too expensive just use your Paint program that is readily installed in your computer. Of course, you don't really have much variety for the text font using the Paint program.

Photoshop or other significant software tool however, is much more user-friendly, you can download other font design if you're not satisfy with those that are already available in your directory. You can also play around with their font editing tools or even insert other textures, making your texts more interesting than ever. And the best feature provided, in my point of view, is the layer tool, with this you can write your texts on a separate, overlapping layer. So if you're using Photoshop to insert your texts - exploit the ussage of the layer tool!

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